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In July, the 2016 HR graduates had our graduation ceremony for the Postgraduate Diploma we each gained for our CIPD training. This marks the end of two years of distance learning modules involving lectures and seminars at university, coursework, exams, and – depending on preferred working style – either lots of studying in spare time, or late nights and last minute dashes! It was a really enjoyable day celebrating our achievement with each other and our families/guests in the sunshine.

While the break from intensive self-directed study (and being able to make social plans instead of squirrelling away for essays or revision) is appreciated, graduation marks another aspect of the scheme complete, and it hasn’t escaped my attention that all too rapidly we are doing a number of things for the final time. Our final lecture, then final deadline. Final action learning set. Final experiential learning, final trips to university and the Leadership Academy. As much as I try to deny it, for 2016 trainees the end of the scheme is not too far away, and feels as though it is approaching rapidly.

At scheme events, trainee small talk has turned from the usual ‘how’s placement going?’ to ‘how’s job hunting going?’. A number of trainee colleagues have secured new roles, and some have already started these. For many of us, there are decisions to make, applications to do, and a few more ‘final’ scheme things to be doing and getting signed off in the meantime. It is an uncertain but also exciting time, as we approach the end of the scheme and think about what adventures lie next. Right now, what I will do feels as up in the air as my mortarboard was in the university gardens!

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