Over and out!

So after my previous post on the topic of doing things for the final time, sadly this is my final […]

The beginning of the end…

In July, the 2016 HR graduates had our graduation ceremony for the Postgraduate Diploma we each gained for our CIPD […]

Confed 2018

Trainees are offered the opportunity to attend one funded conference during their time on the grad scheme. There are a […]

Making the most of opportunities

I am now in the 8th (!) month of my current placement, which is my third placement of three on […]

Action Learning Sets

I am currently on a train travelling back from an action learning set (ALS) which I attended today along with […]

Revisiting the assessment centre – from the other side!

I have just returned from 2 days spent in Leeds at the NHS Leadership Academy HQ where I, along with […]

Experiential Learning

I recently attended an Experiential Learning event in London. This was number four of five experiential learning modules over the […]

Orientation reflections

As I write this, it is the Christmas break and I, along with most if not all of the other […]

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