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With only four months of my first placement (which has gone ridiculously quickly!) left, I have been thinking about how much I’ve learnt since I first started. In my first few months, I admittedly felt a bit lost at times, thinking I’d never be able to do the role I’d been put in. Now, I still feel challenged but much more comfortable in my role as a business analyst. I recently found out I passed a BCS exam in requirements engineering that I sat with my work colleagues, which I’m very pleased with considering I didn’t even know what Health Informatics was a year ago! I’ve recently been working on an exciting project involving a new perinatal mental health unit that is being built at my Trust. I’ve had several meetings with the service and we have been process mapping how the admission process will work so that we can make sure our new clinical system meets all of their needs when they go live towards the end of the year. I had no idea that services like this even existed before I started working at a community and mental health trust and I love how much knowledge I’ve gained through working here. Alongside all I’ve learnt at my placement I’m also getting towards the end of the EGA programme and the first year of my health informatics PGDip where I’ve been learning about electronic health records, patient safety and clinical systems. Although it’s full on at times, I can’t imagine getting this sort of experience anywhere else and happily welcome all of the learning that comes with it!

Holly Crabtree-Skelton

Hi! I’m Holly Crabtree and I’m part of the 2017 Health Informatics intake, working in Preston. I studied Psychology at Lancaster University and worked for the NHS in Cancer Services. This made me passionate about the NHS and I joined the scheme because of the invaluable experiences and qualifications it offers. I am particularly passionate about improving mental health services and in my spare time I love to read, cook, travel and cuddle my cat.

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