Mark Hindmarsh

General Management Scheme

Head of Operational Strategy, York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

What programme were you on when you joined the GMTS and when did you leave?

I joined the General Management Training Scheme in 2005, graduating in 2007.

What has been your career journey progression with the NHS?

Since my time on the scheme, my career has progressed steadily, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic, inspirational people in some great roles. I wanted to make sure that I had experience in a breadth of roles across the NHS, operating in different areas to build my knowledge and expertise. To that extent I’ve held hands-on operational roles at places like Moorfields Eye Hospital and Imperial College, but have also been able to secure roles more removed from the front lines in NHS commissioning, working on London service redesign projects and a Commissioning Support Unit in Yorkshire.

In the eight years since graduating from the scheme, I doubt there are many other professions that could offer the diversity of roles and challenges that I’ve been able to experience.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about joining the scheme?

For people thinking of applying for the scheme, you should be confident that great opportunities and roles are out there, but that in order to be successful you need to be dedicated, have a total commitment to improving things and most importantly have an ability to build relationships and engage people. We’re currently looking to re-design the entire health and social care service – we need people that are willing to stand up, work through uncertainty and bring people with them. If you have these raw skills and want to develop them further, I would encourage you to apply.

What has been your defining moment so far working for the NHS?

I remember working with clinical experts from across London on a range of specialist service re-design projects. It’s incredibly gratifying to see clinically led commissioning really working, with real tangible benefits for patients, achieved through bringing experts together and strong leadership.