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When I applied for the scheme I was desperate to find out how the people who got on the scheme got on it – but whenever you google anything or go on a forum you find everyone is very secretive about the process. So here is my open and honest account of what might help you with your interview!

Firstly, use the information the scheme sends you. I was able to prepare an answer and example for every question that was asked using the information that was sent to me by the scheme. So have a really good look through it – they literally tell you what they are looking for – and have examples prepared for each section. There was only one question that took me a little by surprise, but because I had prepared examples I was able to mould one of these to answer the question well.

Secondly, have a really good think about why you want to join the NHS and why you want to join the scheme. What is it that attracts you to the NHS, why do you want to be a leader in the NHS? A few people I met at interview said to me they applied because it paid well – that’s not going to get you a job. Critically reflect about what your motivation is for joining this particular scheme and why you would choose it over other schemes if you were to be offered more than one.

Finally, make sure you are well for the interview and be prepared for things to go wrong. You get a choice of dates so look early and book onto a date and venue that suits you and isn’t going to stress you out. Everyone is super lovely at the interview stage and they are hoping for you to do well so relax, give yourself every opportunity to sleep well the night before and try to enjoy the process on the day.

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