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“That’s one small step for the team… one giant leap for the NHS” – Ashleigh Newman.

…Well maybe not 100% original.

This blog will focus on another ‘P’ word – Positivity. Winter is here and like other NHS trusts, my Trust is feeling the pressure. However, what is key to keeping the mill turning is positivity. Keeping positive in desperate and relatively depressing times improves morale, keeps focus and supports relationships. I have found at times that it is difficult to keep positive when experiencing high pressure situations. However, linking this to my first blog on perseverance, I have attempted to remain positive and enthusiastic throughout.

What has helped me to keep positive is that I have been working with another also enthusiastic individual in my team, who is also willing to remain positive. This has shown me what it’s like to be a leader in challenging situations and how to get the best out of people. Most importantly, what is noted from my time spent with this individual is that there is always a grasp on reality; never ignoring the hard facts that need to be addressed. This balancing act will probably never be perfected but it’s beneficial to trainees to see how this is applied in various situations.

Keeping positive when implementing change is a good way of getting “buy in”. No matter what the change is, from building a new service unit to changing a way a report is exported, this will all have a positive impact on the NHS. Whether it is about making efficiencies, saving money or investing for the future; change is good and if proposed with positivity, can work really well. One small change done well can create ripples of positivity through the team, harbouring an environment where innovation and creativity will be well received. I echo this message to everyone who is currently going to interviews – remain positive, show your enthusiasm for the NHS and keep going. For some of you, completing your degree and interviewing at the same time is tough but keep going, remember perseverance and positivity go hand in hand!

Ashleigh Newman

I’m Ashleigh - a recent graduate in Business Management and Leadership from UWE Bristol. Whilst at University, I obtained a coaching qualification which inspired me to join an organisation that supports a coaching culture - like the NHS. Having come from experience in the private sector whilst on a placement year, I quickly realised and felt that my values matched the NHS closer and more profoundly. So I have moved from small-town country to London to live my very real dreams of starting a career in a busy place of work where I get to directly affect stakeholders on a daily basis. In my spare time, I love to bake and spending time socialising with friends. I am an avid traveller and love to learn about new cultures.

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