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Today I thought I would pick out 10 things I have done in the last week to explain to you. My current role is as a team co-ordinator within the learning disabilities services.

  1. I completed a flexible working request. Flexible working requests have some stringent time scales attached to them, and you must keep the HR team up to date. This person didn’t want a massive change and so I was happily able to agree this flexible working request.
  2. I’ve spent some time trying to arrange my flexi placement. It has been slightly challenging to arrange and work out where I want to be. I know I do not want to go into another NHS placement, and want to use the opportunity to go to the private sector where I have not worked before.
  3. I went to my first HealthWatch meeting! I went as an observer and not as a representative of my organisation and it was a really interesting experience.
  4. I have shortlisted for some jobs I have out. This is the first time I have ever shortlisted and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of applications we got.
  5. I did my first bank shift back in my old team as a mental health liaison nurse. I was a little bit nervous about going back, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was great to be back in A+ E (and it was very busy!).
  6. I’m doing some work on a CQUIN at the moment and I had a meeting with some colleagues to discuss year two.
  7. I went to visit another hospital with a colleague to look at the work they were doing around their CQUIN target. It was brilliant to see a different hospital and to see how they were working. This hospital is also one of the options for my second placement so it was nice to have an informal visit.
  8. I had an away day with some band 7’s within the directorate I work. It was a good opportunity to discuss some of the positives and challenges. We also had an opportunity to have a catch up from the other services and hear more about their successes and the opportunities over the next year.
  9. I completed a maternity risk assessment for a pregnant member of staff.

I attended an equality conference talking about equality in the workforce. I attended a conference on a similar topic last year within NHS England and so it was interesting to hear this from a different source. I am starting to realise this is the area in which I want to work in the future.

I hope you have been able to see some of the variety in the week!

Any questions please let me know on [email protected] or @HSCRachel

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