One Year On…

It’s been a WHOLE year since I started the NHS Graduate Scheme… I used to read the blogs page when […]

Advice for new starters

It is coming to the end of the first year and my first placement move is approaching….how scary is that?! […]

One year in… (And why informatics is quite so great)

I’m writing this having just come back from a ‘meet the team’ morning for my final 10 month placement, and […]

Why, the NHS?

As many of you know, the NHS recently turned 70 years old. This is an amazing achievement, and it has […]

Towards the end of my first placement

So, it’s coming towards the end of my first placement. The way the General Management scheme is structured means your […]

Wrapping Up and Moving On

I’m in the last stretch of my first placement. Being in the final month of this year long journey has […]

Placement and Programme Managers – The Lowdown

I recently helped out at the Yorkshire and Humber Welcome Event for the new 2018 trainees as well as their […]

Choosing a Conference

As part of the NHS Graduate Scheme you are able to choose one conference to attend within your trainee years. […]

Confed 2018

Trainees are offered the opportunity to attend one funded conference during their time on the grad scheme. There are a […]

Informatics, Community Care and Agile Working

I can’t quite believe it, but I now have less than 8 weeks left of my first placement. I’m excited […]

Delivering a Presentation at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

In April, I was invited by Donna Green, who is the Chief Nurse and Deputy CEO of Hampshire Hospitals NHS […]

Preparing for the Graduate Scheme

Hello, This is my first blog for a little while, so I wanted to start by congratulating everyone who has […]

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