My flexi placement at DHSC

Since the last time I wrote a GMTS blog, I’ve started – and finished! – my flexi placement. For my flexi, I

People = Numbers = People

Hi everyone,This month I want to write to you about experiential learning. On the scheme, small groups of trainees get

Wrapping Up and Moving On

I’m in the last stretch of my first placement. Being in the final month of this year long journey has

Taking a Lunch Break

I’ve written in previous posts how, in recent months, the scheme has overtaken every aspect of my life. Between working

Asking for help

Being a graduate trainee in any specialism brings a strange dichotomy. In some senses, you’re the cream of the crop,

On the Importance of Time Management

I’ve been putting off writing this blog for two weeks. It’s not because I don’t enjoy writing these blogs. I

A Day in the Life of an Informatician

This week, I had the thoroughly enjoyable experience of interviewing candidates for next year’s GMTS intake. It was wonderful hearing