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During my interview for the scheme I was asked to give an example how I manage my time when faced with multiple work-streams and deadlines. I can’t remember exactly how I replied, but it was probably a pretty vanilla answer about making a schedule at University so I could keep on top of all the different modules going on at once. Looking back on that answer it’s pretty clear that I’ve never had so many work-streams and deadlines to manage as I have whilst on the scheme.

Take my first 2 weeks back after new years day as an example. I spent the 1st week of January in Leeds on an intense 4 day training course on Microsoft Business Intelligence arranged by my placement. The following Monday I was in Manchester to meet with my ‘Inquiry and Application Group’ to discuss our progress and learning with the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme. I had 4 hours in the office in Doncaster on Tuesday morning before leaving for a workshop in the afternoon. After the workshop I jumped straight onto a train to London for 3 days of lectures on Electronic Health Records at UCL.

Whilst all of this has been going on I’ve had to keep up with time sensitive aspects of my projects at work, make sure I’m in a position to hand in 3 assignments at the end of the month and most importantly find time to see my friends.

All of a sudden using a schedule doesn’t really cut it anymore; I’ve found myself replying to emails in gaps in training and lectures. Instead of having a nap on the train to London I was clattering the keyboard of my laptop typing up actions from the workshop. But most shocking of all I’ve had to spend parts of my weekends in the library working on assignments. Spinning plates feels to be an understatement for me at the minute!

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